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An Introduction…

29 Jan

(Image via National Archives)

 Do you long for the days when butter actually had its own legitimate food group? (Seriously. Check out the above chart from WWII.) Do you refer to Food Network chefs on a first name basis? (Not just Emeril or Paula, but Giada too.) Is D.C. Restaurant Week one of your favorite holidays of the year?

If so, I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

In my day job, I help promote the importance of American agriculture. In this space. I want to celebrate good food by highlighting tried-and-true recipes from my own ‘test kitchen’ and spotlight some great places to find a good bite to eat in the district.

Since most of us are so removed from where our food comes from – seriously, only about two percent of us live and work on a farm, it’s crazy – I want to go a step further by “introducing” a few of the farmers who make our meals possible. You may not know it, but there is a vibrant, passionate group of agriculture advocates (ag-vocates, if you will) that are using social media to talk about their way of life.

Food is a hot topic, and I’m ready to dive into the conversation. Won’t you join me?